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    Alternative Investment Solutions
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    Alternative fund managers have had a myriad of regulatory change to contend with over recent years. In the early stages, many chose to take on the reporting burden themselves. This was very much a learning curve. However, as the complexity of regulatory compliance has increased, fund managers have looked to consider how much they want to handle internally versus how much they want to outsource. Click here to read more.

    Managers move to partner service providers

    Alternative Investment Solutions
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    Christine Waldron, global head of Alternative Investment Solutions at U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, discusses how service providers are becoming more of a strategic partner to their hedge fund clients as they look to provide a suite of services that go beyond a single solution proposition.

    “Service providers are viewed by managers much more broadly today and we are really aimed at becoming a partner with our clients. Not only are we able to help managers overcome the myriad of regulatory filings they may face, but we want to help them evolve which has required us to expand our suite of services," says Waldron.  Click here to read more.