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    Whether you are launching a fund or converting one, our project management process can help provide a successful and seamless transition.

    We offer a range of conversion, startup consulting and pre-launch planning services. These services ensure that robust and comprehensive infrastructure and operational planning are secure in advance of the conversion date or fund launch. After reviewing the fund draft documentation, our project management tool is tailored to ensure each task required for a seamless conversion or launch is identified and then monitored until completion throughout the pre-conversion or launch phase. We provide a single point of contact backed by a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in the setup and servicing of your strategy.

    The knowledge and expertise of our team ensures a successful and seamless conversion or launch and ongoing administration of your fund.

    When an investment manager makes the significant decision to move service providers or to select a partner for their new fund launch, it’s essential there is full confidence in the quality of service and a demonstrated proven track record that their chosen administrator can deliver. Our team is that trusted partner. We can point to numerous successful conversions over the years that meet the ongoing due diligence requirements of key investors as funds grow and require institutional partners. 

    We focus on legal support, including:
    • Fund offering document review
    • Fund capital structure review
    • Fund fees and expenses review
    • Performance fee mechanism review
    • Portfolio valuation policy review
    In advance of the conversion or launch, we provide administration support, including:
    • Creating fund expense budget
    • Testing performance fee logic and integration with investor services system
    • Obtaining prime broker or counterparty access
    • Reviewing fund portfolio ensuring alignment with pricing policy
    • Creating and testing investment manager trade files via ftp
    • Building daily cash and position reconciliations
    • Providing sample reporting packages
    • Agreeing external third party reporting
    A key consideration is your shareholders. We enable the take-on and establishment of the investor services records with seamless transition and set-up, including:
    • Reviewing new and existing application forms
    • Identifying and opening subscription bank accounts
    • Confirming subscription or redemption procedure
    • Circulating AML documentation
    • Managing investor transition
    • Capturing all KYC documentation
    • Providing sample reports
    • Liaising with investment manager on best approach to contact investors