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    Our dedicated, high-touch model helps ensure that you and your shareholders stay updated and informed.

    Transfer agency

    Our investor services offering is the key link between a fund and its investor base, supporting the entire process from the moment the investor expresses an interest in a fund. Our investor services team takes responsibility for delivering a professional and expert solution to shareholders. 

    This service includes:
    • Assisting investors with application form completion
    • Handling initial queries to invest
    • Taking responsibility for anti-money laundering (AML) requirements
    • Assisting with the investment and payment process
    • Tax and audit support
    • Investment manager reporting (Erisa, Commissions, AML, etc.), including FATCA and CRS
    • NSCC transfer agency services
    • Management, performance and commission fee calculations
    • Investor communications (confirmations and statements)
    • GDPR compliant

    Our dedicated team delivers these services using workflow and imaging systems that ensure accuracy, maintain controls and store information in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation.

    Investor services data flow

    We recognise that, as a repository for substantial investor information, we can distinguish ourselves by managing our information in a way that this is highly evolved in the administration sector. Our client-centric investor services model is founded on this principle and enhanced by knowledgeable experts across an expansive network.