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    quintillion global finance

    Our leading technology provides timely data to help produce customised reports and eliminate the need for manual processes.

    Fund administration and middle office

    Advent Geneva® 

    We employ Advent Geneva® as our core fund accounting platform. Geneva® is widely regarded as the leading hedge fund accounting system with unparalleled instrument coverage, capacity for complex fund structure accounting (covering practically all instruments and transaction types, including complex OTC instruments), high trade volumes and integrated general ledger.

    Operational dashboard: Q Control

    Q Control integrates several licensed and in-house designed applications into a central status management tool. This operational dashboard encompasses all key components in a controlled and disciplined operating environment with a full audit trail.

    Geneva® workflow manager

    Workflow manager allows us to effectively and efficiently manage workflows and data exchange between Geneva® and other associated applications. This allows for streamlined processing and the elimination of manual processes.


    We utilise Xceptor's intelligent automation software to automate incoming data requirements. Managed by our own technology group, Xceptor automatically extracts, validates and enriches all of our multiple data input formats.

    Investor services

    HWM Mantra®

    We employ HWM Mantra® as our core shareholder register system. HWM Mantra® is a fully integrated, full featured, multi-user, real-time share-registration and unit trust system. It incorporates the systematic calculation of equalisation credit and depreciation deposits and rule-based management and performance fees as part of its core functionality.

    Case Management System® (CMS)

    We employ CMS document management tool to handle investor files and CMS workflow for a controlled trade-processing environment.