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    graphsOur service model for fund of funds is built on nearly 50 years of experience setting the standard for portfolio accounting and investor services.

    Throughout market and regulatory changes since our founding in 1969, our people have been our greatest strength. Our long-standing relationships and highly tenured professionals give us direct experience with virtually every type of product, investment, and compliance situation.

    In addition to standard administration services, we provide custody solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of funds of funds, including completion of subscription agreements, redemption requests, and transfer agreements on behalf of your fund. We are also one of the few administrators with the capabilities and experience to support SEC registered fund of funds taxed as either a RIC or a partnership.

    Our scalable service offerings are available on a fully customized basis, so you can enhance your own operations in precisely the way that meets your individual needs.

    • Administration & Accounting
      • Performance Attribution by Strategy and Geography
      • Liquidity Tracking
      • Cost Basis Reporting
      • PPM Gathering and Maintenance
      • Posting of Trade and Non-Trade Activities
      • Underlying Fund Price Management
      • Corporate Actions Tracking
      • Analysis on Final Versus Estimated Administrator Prices
      • Comparison and Analysis on Current Versus Prior Period Pricing
    • Custody Services
      • Capital Call and Distribution Processing
      • Cash Projection
      • Subscription and Redemption Preparation, Review, and Submission
    • Investor Services
      • Detailed Tracking of Underlying Commitments
      • Maintenance of Capital Accounts
    • Tax Support
    • Treasury Services