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    globeOur operational expertise enables clients to focus on managing their investments and growing their business.

    We work with every client, regardless of how complex their products and requirements are, to analyze their business needs and develop a customized service solution. At the core of our service model is a dedicated service team and a primary administrator who ensures your specific requirements are met throughout each reporting cycle—whether you choose to strike your NAV daily or monthly.

    Our service teams are comprised of highly-tenured subject-matter experts positioned at the forefront of change. In a constantly evolving regulatory environment, from FATCA and Form PF to European AIMFD requirements, we are positioned to leverage the strength and resources of one of the largest banks in the world to ensure your compliance and success.

    With securities lending, custody, depositary lite, and treasury services in addition to our traditional fund administration solutions, our unique organizational commitment to providing comprehensive banking services and customized service delivery sets us apart in the industry.

    • Administration & Accounting
      • Periodic or Daily Net Asset Value Calculations
      • P&L Reporting
      • Reconciliation Reporting to Prime Broker/Custodian/Counterparties
      • Financial Statement Preparation
      • Fee and Expense Processing
      • Collateral Reporting
      • Audit Coordination
    • Custody Services
    • Distribution Support
    • Depositary Lite Services
    • Investor Allocations
      • Economic and Commitment Based Allocations
      • Offshore Class and Series Allocations
      • Side-Pocket Allocations
      • Management and Incentive Fee Calculations
    • Investor Services
      • Investor Reporting
      • Subscription Document Review
    • Legal Administration & Compliance
      • Offering Document Review
      • Support with Regulatory Inquiries
      • Investor Compliance Services
      • Regulation D Filings
      • Form PF Support
      • Annex IV Support
      • Reporting For Debt Covenants
    • Middle Office
    • Tax Support
      • Tax Allocations
      • Tax Return Drafting Services
      • FATCA Support
      • Book To Tax Adjustment Calculations
    • Treasury Services