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    people meeting around ipadOur service model reaches every aspect of private equity investing, from fund-level administration to daily cash management for portfolio companies.

    We offer private equity managers integrated solutions that address your needs for fund administration, transaction-related services, and your portfolio companies’ banking needs. We have the experience and capabilities to support all types of private equity investments throughout each holding’s life cycle, from capital calls to final distributions.

    We offer private equity managers the flexibility of a boutique administrator together with the resources of a larger financial institution. Our experienced administrators provide accounting, reporting, and investor servicing that let you stay focused on your business.

    • Administration & Accounting
      • Financial Reporting
      • Expense Processing
      • Waterfall Calculations
      • Liquidity and Sweep Solutions
      • Anti-Money Laundering Services
      • Investor Servicing, Accounting, and Reporting
      • General Partner Reporting and Accounting
      • Web-Based Reporting
    • Custody Services
      • Capital Call and Distribution Processing
      • Custodian for Underlying Deal Documents
    • Investor Services
      • Detailed Tracking of Underlying Commitments
    • Legal Administration & Compliance
      • Fund Audit Support
    • Tax Support
    • Treasury Services