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    quintillion global financeDublin-based, Quintillion Limited utilizes a comprehensive approach to support non-U.S. investment managers and their growing alternative investment needs.

    We provide alternative investment clients with quality product solutions and the comprehensive services needed to support their funds. Led by a highly tenured Senior Management team, with more than 120 years of combined operational experience, our employees understand the requirements and needs of the hedge fund industry. Quintillion invests in and retains a highly motivated and committed workforce, dedicated to providing accurate and timely information. We employ leading edge technology in a unique manner to provide transparency to our clients. Drawing on our client centric business model, we ensure all of our employees are responsible and accountable to help foster a strong and lasting client relationship.

    Our services are highly automated and delivered paperless to ensure accuracy, control, and increased efficiency. We continually work to update and enhance our technology and processes. At Quintillion we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to our vast client base.

    Quintillion Limited is an affilliate of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services . For more information about Quintillion’s services, please visit

    Quintillion offers services to support your alternative investments, including:
    • Fund Administration
    • Middle Office Support
    • Investor Services
    • Risk and Regulatory Support
    • Conversion and Launch Services
    • Tax and Audit Support
    • Financial Statement Support