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    People working on fileU.S. Bank has been providing safekeeping for customer assets since 1853. We take pride in our reputation for accuracy and client privacy.

    We offer custody services to meet the specific needs of alternative investment managers. Across our global network we offer solutions managed with quality-driven internal controls. We bring together the strength of U.S. Bank, one of the world’s largest financial institution, with our specific experience in the trading requirements of alternative investment managers.

    We handle the details of corporate actions, collecting interest and dividends, and all specialized needs your firm may require. Securities lending services offered by U.S. Bank include secure online access for detailed information including earnings, securities on loan, borrowers and lendable assets. We offer daily reports with loan level detail and collateralization percentages. Our attention to detail underlies everything we do.

    Specialized Custody Solutions
    • Asset Safekeeping
    • Portfolio Trade Settlement
    • Trade Facilitation
    • Interest and Dividend Collection
    • Corporate Actions
    • Portfolio Reporting
    • Global Custody
    • Loan Administration
    • Securities Lending
    • Leverage Lending Facilities
    • Liquidity Lending Facilities
    • Business Operations & Acquisition Facilities