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    Man with briefcaseAs one of the leading service providers to alternative investment managers, we are committed to overseeing your fund's needs and offering regulatory and compliance guidance.

    From offices in the U.S., Dublin, London, Guernsey, and the Cayman Islands, we meet the diverse needs of alternative investment managers across the full range of legal, compliance, and audit requirements. Whether you are preparing a Form PF or initiating a new fund, we will assist in providing the information required for various regulatory or compliance filings.

    Since 1969, we have built our reputation through dedication to our clients and their customers. We interact daily with prime brokers, custodians, audit firms, law firms, technology providers, and most importantly, our clients and their investors. Our service model is designed to ensure you can keep your valuable attention focused on investment management.

    • Support with Regulatory Inquiries
    • Regulatory Filing Services
      • Form PF
      • Regulation D
      • Fund Annual Returns
      • AIFMD Support
    • Compliance Services
      • ERISA Limitations
      • Anti-money Laundering Compliance
      • New Issue Identification
    • Debt Covenants
    • Depositary Lite
    • Legal and Regulatory Updates
    • Start-up Consulting
    • Prime Broker Network
    • Audit/Legal Firm Network