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    graphsWe offer daily middle-office services to support your operations. Our platforms provide a wide range of support services to fund managers and investors across the spectrum.

    We offer daily cash management, position reconciliation, and portfolio accounting to support or augment your internal operations. Our highly trained people and the technology that supports them provides you with the P&L reporting and trade data you need to manage day-to-day investment decisions. In addition, we offer extensive value-added services in compliance and tax support.

    • Security Master Management
      • OTC Set-Ups
      • Custom Fields
    • Vendor Data Management
      • Pricing
      • Corporate Actions
      • Rates
    • Trade Capture and OTC Counterparty Affirmation Management
    • OTC Resets or Fixings, Forecast Payments
    • Trade Date Flash Portfolio and P&L Reporting
    • T+1 Pre-Market Open Cash/Position Reconciliations
    • T+1 Reconciled P&L Reporting
    • Custom P&L And Portfolio Reporting
      • By Strategy
      • By Trader
      • By Broker