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    tax formsWe support tax preparation and reporting to meet the intricate requirements of alternative investments. Our expertise yields efficiency and accuracy.

    With tax experts at the forefront of regulatory change, we have the expertise to support your tax reporting needs. Our tax team is comprised of more than 35 tax professionals with in-depth full service experience in alternative fund products such as MLP C corps, hedge funds, private equity funds, and master feeder funds. We provide FATCA support, and manage the tax implications and allocation requirements of virtually all alternative investment structures.

    Throughout the tax-preparation process, we facilitate communication among our clients and third parties. We track and manage tax-related documents, prepare and file returns, and distribute investor Schedule K-1s.

    • Consulting on Tax Treatment of Unique Security or Transaction Types
    • Book to Tax Adjustment Calculations
    • Capital Account Tax Basis Reporting
    • Partner Tax Estimates
    • Tax Efficiency Planning
    • Tax Allocations
      • Aggregate Full-Netting
      • Aggregate Partial-Netting
      • Lot Layering
      • In-Kind
      • Contributed Security Allocations
    • Tax Return Drafting Services
      • Form 1065 and Schedule K-1 Reporting
      • Form 1120 and 1120-F
      • Full state income tax reporting services including full apportionment analysis and signature sign-off as state income tax return paid preparer
      • FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) Reporting/Filings
      • PFIC Statements
      • U.S. Withholding Tax Filings
      • 1099-MISC Filings
    • FATCA support
    • Form 1042 Withholding on Foreign Investors Reporting
    • Audit Support
      • ASC 740 Analysis
      • Tax Provision Calculations