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  • We have the breadth of technology and the depth of experience to service even the most complicated plans. Our clients are supported by our quality-driven internal controls and best practices.

    Business man viewing portfolio pagesProviding Distinct Services

    We provide comprehensive fund services to virtually every type of registered and unregistered product. Our senior management team works with each investment manager to understand their business goals, expectations, and products in order to develop a customized service solution. This approach allows investment managers to capitalize on the strength of their investment strategies, navigate potential industry obstacles, and focus on asset management.

    UCITS: UCITS play an integral role in our business strategy. As part of our commitment to growing our business and offering our clients the products and services they need to succeed, we offer complete UCITS services either directly or through business partners to provide comprehensive fund services for all non-U.S. domiciled funds with complete securities services and broader global support.

    Collective trust funds: As a pooled investment vehicle designed specifically for institutional retirement plans, collective trust funds (CTFs) have provided significant value since their inception in 1927. We offer a CTF solution with comprehensive trustee, fund accounting, fund administration, transfer agent, custody, and NSCC sponsorship support.

    LGIP: We offer customized solutions to support a variety of pooled investment products sponsored by state and municipal government entities, such as fully liquid, daily-rate variable, fixed rate, and rate term investment funds. Our adherence to high-quality customer service and our tailored approach to servicing allow state treasurer's offices to offer expertly administered, competitive, and economical products to their members.