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    lock on keyboardOur experienced custody team helps protect your fund assets by ensuring accuracy and privacy are among our top priorities. 

    Our network of custody professionals work with your fund to meet the specific requirements of each ETF. Our dedicated associates of custody administrators and trade services representatives are always standing by to provide guidance and support. We’ve integrated our custody system with our Transfer Agent for deposit withdrawal at custodian (DWAC), allowing swaps of ETFs, and Continuous Net Settlement (CNS). This advanced technology offers the ability to accept partial delivery of shares and ensure you can concentrate on continuing your growth.

    Renowned for our attention to detail, we handle the processing of corporate actions, cash management support, trade servicing, and all specialized needs you may require. Our securities lending services include secure online access for detailed information, including earnings, securities on loan, borrowers, and lendable assets. 

    Specialized ETF Custody Solutions
    • Transfer Coordination
    • Depository Services
    • Non-depository Services
    • Vault Support
    • Fund Trading, Transfer, Income, and Settlement
    • DTC Daily Settlement
    • Fed Settlement
    • Alternative Investments Settlement
    • Tri-Party Repo Settlement
    • Securities Lending Operations Support
    • Securities Administration and Income
    • Global Services, Settlement, Account Services, and Income or Corporate Actions
    • Asset File and Pricing
    • Processing Services
    • Continuous Net Settlement (CNS)