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    man with technologyOur distribution experts are available to help reinforce your business’s growth, from sales and marketing literature support to industry education and compliance oversight.

    Building a successful fund requires a distinguishable brand, an effective marketing strategy, and a commitment to distribution support. We establishe a relationship with clients to assist you with your individual distribution efforts. With decades of experience, our team provides comprehensive ETF distribution compliance guidance.

    Quasar Distributors, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, offers specialized distribution support for ETF investment managers. Our team provides regulatory marketing compliance, primary and collateral marketing material development, registered representative licensing and educational assistance. You can rely on our familiarity with communications with the public rules for industry expertise and compliance with SEC and FINRA rules. By partnering with seasoned experts, you can be confident in your message, distribution plan, and compliance.

    • Underwriting Services
      • NSCC sponsorship
      • Communications with the public review/approval and FINRA filing
      • Sponsorship of securities licenses of adviser staff
    • Advertising and Promotion Services
      • Coordinate media promotions and public relations
      • Provide electronic marketing assistance and email campaigns
    • Marketing and Sales Material Development 
      • Communication and collateral material
      • Design and print literature, brochures, and advertisements
      • Prepare fact sheets, performance, and broker guides
    • Contract Review and Administration
      • Review, negotiate, and execute AP agreements
    • Client Education