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    man with calculatorWe partner with our clients to provide customized fund accounting services for your exchange-traded fund.

    Our dedicated fund accounting staff and comprehensive services are fully integrated with our compliance program. We monitor your fund through direct participation in testing, daily compliance monitoring, and reporting operational breaks. Our fund accounting team offers a variety of services to your ETF, including daily creation of the PCF, creation and valuation of in-kind trade file and cash component, and creation and communication of data for the IOPV with the NYSE or other agents. 

    We utilize several online resources to support your ETF and provide you with accurate and timely updates. Our online integrated general ledger automatically updates, provides flexible table-driven charts of accounts, and supports multi-currency accounting. Additionally, daily income and expense accruals, variable rate instruments interest rate adjustments, corporate action interfaces, centralized security master setups and updates, and pricing interfaces  are all automated to increase efficiency for your fund.

    Utilizing Genuis™, our ETF processing system, portfolio data feed to data warehouse is automated for performance calculations, portfolio analytics, and compliance testing. Genius™ provides you with access to your accounting data for online inquiry and specialized reporting at all times.

    • Daily Portfolio Valuation
    • Daily Communication Interface to NASDAQ and NYSE
    • Specific ID Tax Lot Selection with Multiple Default Methodologies
      • FIFO
      • LIFO
      • High-amortized cost
      • Low-amortized cost
      • Best tax
      • Tax advantage
    • Integration with Genius™