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    gearsOur commitment to technology is exemplified by the creation of our own automated platform.

    Combining unique advantages from our two proprietary systems, Genius™ and DASH™, this comprehensive tool is a full-service solution for product development, service requirements, implementation support and ongoing guidance. Leveraging data, our automated platform helps improve the experience of fund sponsors, top authorized participants and the DTCC.

    Genius™ is an integrated solution that links all core applications into one central database. This creates an intuitive approach to ETP reporting that increases efficiencies, offers transparent controls and provides competitive advantages for you. It gives you the convenience of a consolidated processing center to benchmark, fund and order data—all in one centralized platform.

    DASH™ is an efficiency-based platform we created to process orders quickly and securely. Updated in real time, DASH provides comprehensive and flexible reports, as well as automated confirmations of a trade that can quickly be revised on our online dashboard.