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    gearsETF-Fusion™ offers fund managers synchronized precision for seamless ETF service and support. Our proprietary platform provides secure access to your fund.

    Focusing on data and leveraging experiences of fund sponsors, top authorized participants, and the DTCC, we created a holistic automated platform called ETF-Fusion™. This full service solution provides clients with product development, service requirements, and implementation support and guidance. ETF-Fusion™ offers the benefits of our services including fund accounting, fund administration, transfer agent, and custody and provides a dedicated knowledge team of industry experts to provide insightful knowledge and support. This integrated platform combines the unique advantages of our two proprietary systems: Genius™ and DASH™.

    GENIUS™: Genius™ is an integrated solution for your ETF processing that links all core applications into one central database. Our intuitive approach to ETF reporting increases efficiencies, offers transparent controls, and provides competitive advantages to our clients.

    Genius offers a consolidated processing center for access to benchmark, fund, and order data in one centralized platform. The funds PCF, IIV, and in-kind trade files are transmitted and received between the funds records, DASH™, the DTCC/NSCC, the New York Stock Exchange, and the fund custodian for CNS processing.

    Genius’ seamless integration between DASH, the fund’s books and records, continuous net settlement, and custodians results in smooth settlements. Our accounting team manages both your daily core accounting functions simultaneously with added ETF processing requirements.

    DASH™: In order to process orders quickly and securely, we created DASH™. Updated in real time, DASH allows all parties to understand their trade activity. Distributors, fund sponsors, and authorized participants receive automated confirmations of the trade, and are able to quickly revise and make decisions through our online dashboard.

    DASH provides users with comprehensive and flexible reports in real time with an excel-enabled web query. It allows online management of both fixed and variable fees, as well as soft cut-offs on trades.

    We provide clients with impromptu holiday forecasting and automatically support regular and reverse splits. We personally affirm all fax orders to reduce and help mitigate risk. Our dedicated service team can provide technical support and create login credentials for various users.