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    paperworkWe provide comprehensive tax services by drawing on our team’s vast knowledge and extensive network of auditors, the IRS and industry contacts. 

    Our associates provide expertise in multiple investment products and fund structures, along with specialized knowledge of ETP tax processing and benefits. Continuously monitoring tax law and regulatory changes, we keep you informed on the most current and proactive solutions.

    We use industry-leading technology solutions to help provide accuracy, efficiency and exceptional service to you and your funds.

    • Full FATCA compliance support and consultation
    • Federal and state income tax return preparation services, including state apportionment calculations
    • Preparation of TDF and 1099-MISC forms
    • Preparation of RIC, C Corp and hedge fund tax returns
    • Full federal and state tax services available for MLP funds, including state apportionment analyses and lot allocation methods
    • Expertise and automated services available for transfer-in-kind transactions, fund liquidations and mergers