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  • Cybersecurity: Protecting client data through industry best practices

    Mutual Fund Solutions
    Cybersecurity is a prominent topic for all fund types, investment managers, boards and investors. U.S. Bancorp Fund Services recognized the need to create comprehensive policies and procedures as well as a communication program to help clients, auditors, regulators and chief compliance officers gain a better understanding of our entire program and the resources we devote to minimize cybersecurity risks.
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    Providing Cost-Effective Tax Services for MLPs

    Mutual Fund Solutions
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    U.S. Bancorp Fund Services has provided a full suite of services for funds investing in MLPs since 2004 and understands the nuances of various MLP fund structures. Through our relationships with outside audit firms, we are continually working to establish procedures compliant with IRS regulations, while providing possible efficiencies and cost savings for funds. We offer our clients consultative support and tax preparation services for multiple fund structures that invest in MLPs.
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