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    Business Challenge

    Two Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) clients approached U.S. Bancorp Fund Services with an urgent need to establish websites for their recently launched funds. In compliance with SEC guidelines, actively managed ETFs must publish their portfolio holdings on a daily basis, and many ETFs choose to do so on their fund websites. The inherent complexities of these funds and the rules that govern them are often difficult to explain to third party marketing firms not actively working in the mutual fund space.

    As a complement to our full spectrum of fund services, our parent company, U.S. Bancorp, maintains a wholly-owned mutual fund distributor to support our clients, Quasar Distributors, LLC (Quasar). Our experienced distribution team provides multiple levels of support to our clients including regulatory marketing compliance, primary and collateral sales/marketing materials development, registered representative licensing and educational support, and website design development and hosting. Due to client demand, and as a component of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services’ ETF services solution, Quasar provides website design and managed host provider services for a number of ETFs, including one of our largest clients.

    Our Solution

    Quasar’s familiarity with sales literature rules and guidelines allows fund companies to rely on us for industry expertise and compliance with SEC and FINRA rules, as well as expedient, reactive turnaround. In fact, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services and Quasar worked together to build a continuous flow of portfolio data to ensure the new ETF website is accurately updated through automatic data feeds from the fund accounting system and NYSE. This teamwork approach is fundamental of our business model, and allows clients to benefit from the turnkey advantages provided through Quasar’s marketing department.

    Our proven process is used to create websites that are designed to the stringent requirements of mutual fund and ETF clients. Quasar’s web hosting service offers clients the latest server technology, dedicated network administrators to monitor the site, and an effective change order process to communicate with compliance personnel.

    The Result

    Quasar Distributors aligned our processes with our clients’ timelines to deliver design and data for the accelerated launch of their new ETF websites. Quasar was able to surpass our clients’ needs and expectations on delivery and industry experience. Since the launch of our first two ETF websites, Quasar has been retained by additional ETF clients for similar services. Quasar also provides website design and support services for more than 70 mutual fund and advisor sites.

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