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  • December 2018
    December 2018

    Our December 2018 issue keeps you informed on the regulatory landscape, covering topics including SEC rule developments relating to liquidity and ETFs, the FinCEN beneficial ownership rule, and the foreign tax reclaim process. Read about our new depositary service offering in Ireland as well as changes to our leadership team. We’re honored to be recognized in the industry with recent awards, acknowledging our commitment to bringing you the best solutions paired with excellent customer service.

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    June 2018
    June 2018

    From industry updates to new services, our June 2018 issue brings you valuable information to help drive performance. Read about updates to GICS® structures and stay informed as SEC reporting modernization and filing requirements change. Explore our enhanced capabilities, including regulatory reporting and electronic signature capture. As our team grows, we are excited to announce the addition of Barry O’Brien to our Dublin office. We are also honored to be recognized in the alternative investment industry with recent awards from Alt Credit Intelligence and HFMWeek.

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    Fall 2017
    Fall 2017

    Our new president, Joe Neuberger, shares his vision for the upcoming year in the Fall 2017 issue. From new products and services, to recent awards and additions to our team, you will find a variety of updates. We are excited to share information on our new collateral management services, shareholder live chat and Mutual Fund Profile II offering. You will also read about our performance in the Global Custodian Mutual Fund Survey and our new Vice Chairman Gunjan Kedia.

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    Spring 2017
    Spring 2017

    Our Spring 2017 newsletter features a variety of industry updates to help you navigate the mutual fund landscape. These articles include topics surrounding SEC reporting and liquidity rule changes, the DOL Fiduciary Rule and 871 (m) regulations. We are pleased to announce awards received by our Transfer Agent and Alternative Investment Solutions team from the NQR, Alt Credit, CTA and Hedgeweek. Lastly, President Joe Redwine shares a word with our clients about his upcoming retirement as he announces Joe Neuberger as the next president of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services.

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    Winter 2017
    Winter 2017

    Our Winter 2017 issue keeps you current on the evolving industry. Articles include an update on the Money Market Reform, a new reconciliation service offered through Quintillion and information on SEC rule changes. We are also excited to announce results from the Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey as well as awards from Fund Intelligence, HFMWeek, CTA Intelligence and Alternative Credit Intelligence.


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    Fall 2016
    Fall 2016

    Our Fall 2016 newsletter brings you insight into the Brexit decision and the SEC’s views and recommendations regarding Distribution in Guise. You will also read about enhancements to our cybersecurity procedures and an upgrade to our imaging technology in our Transfer Agent. Along with these features, we are pleased to share our recent results from the 2016 Global Custodian Mutual Fund Survey and celebrate recent awards received by Quintillion and our Transfer Agent team.

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    Spring 2016
    Spring 2016

    Featuring new SEC proposals for liquidity management, our commitment to the fight against cybercrime and enhancements to our online portal, our Spring 2016 issue covers a variety of topics. We are pleased to announce our Transfer Agent's success from the past year, the new CEO of Quintillion and recognition Quintillion received at the Alternative Credit Intelligence European Services Awards. You will also read about changes to our management team, continuing outreach calls offered by Quasar Distributors and our outlook on the growing ETF market.

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    2015 Year in Review
    Year in Review

    President Joe Redwine reflects on the challenges and opportunities we faced in 2015. The year was filled with recognition received by our various teams, milestones celebrated by our business lines and technology investments made to our service solutions. Helping you reach your goals is our true measure of success, and we look forward to another successful year.

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    Fall 2015
    Fall 2015

    In our Fall 2015 issue, we are proud to announce recognition we have received from the industry and recent enhancements we have implemented to our technology and service offerings. Thanks to the hard work of out Alternative Investment Solutions teams, both in the United States and Europe, we achieved excellent scores on this year's Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey. We have also received awards from HFMWeek and Hedgeweek. Read about our new partnership with Diligent Corporation, discover efficiencies we have integrated in our Transfer Agent using the Open Span technology and find out if ETMF products are the right choice for your firm.

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    Alternative Investment Solutions Cybersecurity Overview October 2015
    Alternative Investment Solutions Cybersecurity Overview

    Implementing cybersecurity standards has never been more crucial. Although there's no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity, and no 100% guarantee against cyber-theft, the National Institute of Standards and Technology suggests following its five-part framework (commonly referred to as the "NIST Framework") to reduce vulnerability.

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    Summer 2015
    Summer 2015

    Featuring industry updates, enhancements to our services, and a review of our Client Conference, our Summer 2015 issue covers a variety of topics. We are proud to announce our results from Global Custodian's Mutual Fund Survey as well as Quasar Distributors celebrating its 15th anniversary. Read about new SEC reporting requirements for RICs and RIAs, visit the video page on our website for an interactive look into our new AIS Workstation web portal, and learn about enhancing your returns through the U.S. Bank Securities Lending program.

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    Spring 2015
    Spring 2015

    From recent industry awards and upcoming events, to details on the services we offer to help our clients achieve their goals, our Spring 2015 issue provides valuable insight for investment managers across the industry. Learn how we protect customer data from cyber attacks, find out what industry experts consider when building a strong hedge fund investor relations team, and read about the value-added benefits we offer clients through our multiple series trust, ETF, and marketing services. 

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    Winter 2015
    Winter 2015

    Our Winter 2015 issue provides an update from Fund Administration on key industry regulatory initiatives. It also contains insight from Quasar Distributors regarding product launch challenges due to crowd control measures from broker-dealer platforms. From details on our Transfer Agent's record setting year, to Quintillion's award for Best European Administrator from Hedgeweek, and a breakdown of recent U.S. GAAP accounting pronouncements, this issue is packed with valuable industry insight.

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    2014 Year in Review
    Year in Review

    In our annual year in review letter, we are fortunate enough to be able to write to you, our valued clients and partners, to review the growth, evolution, and innovation of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services. This year is no exception. 2014 was a tremendous year for U.S. Bancorp Fund Services and our clients. Our commitment to risk management and regulatory support, coupled with our dedication to innovation and investment in our business are supported by the financial strength of the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States.

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    Fall 2014
    Fall 2014

    Our Fall 2014 issue announces recent industry awards and the expansion of our European service team. It also covers a wide range of topics relevant to U.S. Bancorp Fund Services clients, such as our upcoming Eagle STAR and Advisor Information Source upgrade, our expanding ETF client base, Quasar's enhanced services through the ProofPlus system, FAN Web's new responsive design, the money market reform amendments, and the announcement of our new senior risk officer. 

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    Summer 2014
    Summer 2014

    Our Summer 2014 issue provides articles that touch on recent initiatives to help ensure our mutual fund, exchange traded fund, and alternative investment products and service offerings help our clients meet evolving industry trends. From digital marketing services, transfer agent email services, and our new depositary lite license, to recent survey results and an overview of shadow administration, this issue provides insight on topics across the industry. 

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    Spring 2014
    Spring 2014

    Our Spring 2014 issue focuses on the state of information security at U.S. Bancorp Fund Services and how our risk management procedures directly benefit and protect our clients. From a breakdown of key controls in our Transfer Agent department, to information on upcoming CCO Forums, this issue also covers everything from tips to starting a hedge fund and our new Guernsey services to valuation procedures and our upcoming conferences and events..  

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    Winter 2014
    Winter 2014

    Our Winter 2014 issue focuses on exciting initiatives at U.S. Bancorp Fund Services to help ensure we are offering cutting edge technology and well-trained personnel for the benefit of our clients. From a breakdown of key initiatives in our Custody department, to information on training programs in our Transfer Agent and Fund Accounting departments, this issue covers everything from ETFs and MSTs to community outreach programs and industry awards.

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    2013 Year in Review
    Year in Review

    As we embark on a new year, the president of U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, Joe Redwine, looks back at our many accomplishments over the last 45 years and looks forward to a successful 2014.

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    Fall 2013
    Fall 2013

    Our Fall 2013 issue announces the acquisition of Quintillion, an Ireland-based full service hedge fund administrator. It also covers a wide range of topics relevant to U.S. Bancorp Fund Services clients, such as our commitment to our Lean Six Sigma initiative, new fingerprinting options for FINRA Registered Representative registration, tips for launching an alternative strategy mutual fund, and information on how our Transfer Agent is innovating records research to improve shareholder experiences.

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