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  • Leveraged by our financial stability and a tenured management team, we provide the necessary services and advanced technology to support your specific fund product.

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    Whether it’s open-end mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds, or multiple series trusts, we continue to expand our product offering to provide you the best options to benefit your business. Established in 1969 to fulfill the unique requirements of registered and unregistered funds, U.S. Bank Global Fund Services began with two divisions and one client, whose funds we still service today. Our longevity in the industry is directly related to our focus on high quality service and retaining and employing the best people.

    Backed by our experienced professionals and financial stability we have been a leader in the financial industry for nearly 50 years. With mutual fund client relationships lasting since our inception, our teams know the foundation for a strong relationship is built on open communication, trust, and accountability.

    Our efficient, cost-effective service solutions give you the ability to manage your fund while we manage the fund administration. We will handle the minute operational aspects of your fund, so that you can concentrate on managing your investments and growing assets.  Whether utilizing our complete breadth of services or specific individual services, we have the technology and experienced personnel necessary to support your specific fund product.

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