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    graphs and chartsReduce your funds launch time and lower start-up costs by utilizing our multiple series trust comprehensive service solution and expertise.

    We have the qualified professionals and complete service solution necessary to manage a multiple series trust (MST). Advisers with limited assets under management, such as start-ups, often utilize adding a fund to an existing MST. However, these types of funds are becoming viable options for large managers launching mutual funds. Our MSTs allow advisers to capitalize on the strength of their investment strategies and stay focused on raising and managing assets.

    Our turnkey solution reduces the legal work necessary by adding your fund to an existing trust, essentially lowering the costs compared to establishing an entirely new fund. Additionally, all our MSTs include a dedicated and qualified CCO who acts as a daily resource to the advisers’ CCOs and provides assessment, guidance, and consulting, further reducing your costs and time to market. By leveraging our team of experts, you can avoid the operational and regulatory complexities of starting a traditional mutual fund and continue to focus on growing your fund. Our goal is to ensure you are provided an operational structure with customized services, financial reporting, and complete support and industry guidance.

    Multiple series trusts offer several advantages, including
    • Reduced time to market
    • Lower start-up costs due to the reduced amount of legal review
    • Governance and service expertise of an existing board
    • A dedicated CCO for all funds within the trust
    • Sarbanes-Oxley monitoring and certification for all fund financial reporting
    • Administrative efficiencies