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    transfer agentOur full array of shareholder accounting and customer services enable you to foster a sound relationship between your fund and its shareholders.

    As one of the largest transfer agents in the industry, providing services to over 200 diverse clients with more than 4 million shareholder accounts, our goal is to bring industry-leading customer service, robust core and peripheral technology, and solid, efficient yet flexible processes together to provide superior shareholder accounting and servicing to all fund structures and investment strategies.  Since 1969, our transfer agent has provided unparalleled professional attention to our clients and their shareholders based on continuous improvement and consistent engagement in our ever-changing industry. Our team of experts has earned the highest NQR scores for nearly a decade, achieved the Best-In-Class distinction for Transfer Agent Servicing in the Global Custodian 2013 Mutual Fund Administration Survey, and been referred to as “more than just a service provider” by our clients.

    As the first and only transfer agent in the industry to become ISO 9001:2008 certified, we integrate core processes with ISO principles to create a knowledge management system that is process-driven, quality oriented, and continuously improved. This translates to industry-exceeding accuracy, responsiveness, and the highest-quality deliverables to our clients and their shareholders.

    Our comprehensive suite of transfer agent services includes
    • Account services
    • Financial and quality control
    • Accounting and regulatory reporting
    • Financial intermediary services
    • Investor services and process solutions
    • Technology delivery and system support