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    accounting and regulatory reportingOur Accounting and Regulatory Reporting teams have the expertise and technology to deliver fast and accurate accounting and reporting.

    Our Transfer Agent Accounting Team diligently balances and reports all shareholder daily cash and share activity to fund accountants, portfolio managers, investment advisers, and custody groups. We ensure that all cash is properly credited to shareholder accounts by reviewing critical error reports and adjustments, and we monitor and enforce client gain/loss policies and assist with broker loss reclaims. Our accounting team also processes all incoming and outgoing federal wires, tracks receipt of redemption fees, processes check-writing drafts, and reconciles dividend, capital gain, and commission payments.

    We also provide our clients with comprehensive, complete, and compliant regulatory reporting services, including mutual fund shareholder IRS tax form reporting, IRS regulatory filings, abandoned property reporting and mailings, as well as interpretation of IRS regulations impacting mutual fund transaction processing.

    Through our Accounting and Regulatory Reporting teams, we provide
    • Same day cash management
    • Fund position summary reports
    • Gain/loss reporting
    • Cash and share reconciliation
    • Wire settlement
    • Daily depositing of federal and state income tax withholding and exception report reviews
    • Participation in the IRS TIN matching program
    • Federal and state level Bank-Tax Match Program participation
    • State abandoned property filings
    • State and SEC mandated shareholder mailings