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    investor services and process solutionsOur highly tenured and specialized professionals provide first-class service and support to ensure your shareholders receive the highest quality customer experience.

    Our Investor Services and Process Solutions department provides clients with industry-exceeding accuracy and responsiveness. We are committed to our clients’ shareholders and strive to provide exceptional investor services and process solutions throughout our transfer agent. These critical services include retail shareholder servicing, institutional shareholder servicing, contact center technology support, workforce management, call quality review, sales and compliance reporting, fulfillment, fund marketing, and ISO 9001:2008 certification support.

    From fund and account inquiries and literature requests, to specialized transactions for institutional clients, our shareholder services teams utilizes state of the art technology to provide complete, accurate, and timely service to your investors. 

    We have a team in place to evaluate customer experiences, assist with more complex shareholder calls, and provide additional, targeted coaching to our contact center staff. When problems or questions concerning prior accounts or transactions arise, our trained personnel will quickly locate and provide the necessary documentation.

    Our dedicated Investor Services and Process Solutions groups provide
    • Fully staffed, award winning institutional and retail contact centers
    • State of the art contact center technology with advanced call routing options, and computer telephony integration
    • Comprehensive literature fulfillment
    • Outbound marketing support calling services
    • Improved servicing and quality control with record-and-playback software
    • Call center scripts and predefined business rules to guide customer service representatives and processors through standard tasks and processes