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  • We've spent years building our business with you in mind, and we continuously update it based on client feedback.

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    In an ever-changing industry, it's imperative to have a reliable, financially sound partner who understands and anticipates your needs. We're committed to being that resource. We've dedicated a robust, multidisciplinary team to focus on investment advisors and their clients. To make your job easier, we continue to invest heavily in products and resources designed for you. We offer a broad range of flexible services, so you can deliver better results with less effort. And we'll customize our solutions to meet your individual needs. 

    Custody: We provide safekeeping and reporting for a wide variety of investment types, including: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private placements and more. Our service model provides you with access to an experienced, dedicated team that will feel like an extension of your own staff. Our advisor consultants are committed to understanding your business and providing custody solutions tailored to your business.

    Asset-based lending: We provide personalized guidance and effective strategies for managing farms and ranches, real estate, mineral resources and more. Our professional team will help you manage non-financial holdings based on a deep understanding of every asset. With us as your partner, we can help you strengthen your client relationships and gain access into this highly specialized investment segment.

    Delegated trust: As your partner, we delegate investment management responsibilities to you, while serving as corporate trustee. With a vast network of expertise and experience, we likely have a solution that fits your trust needs no matter how basic or complex.

    Cash products: By combining our proprietary First American Fund offering with a wide variety of U.S. Bank deposit products, we help to ensure all your daily liquidity and short-term cash needs can be met in one place.


    We're always interested to learn more about you and your team to discuss any of the topics above in greater detail. For more information, click here to contact a business development officer in your area.